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What We Are Doing

Accelerating Algorithms Using Programmable Logic.

  • Recent advances in High Level Synthesis and Programmable Logic Fabrics have opened up the possibility of mapping core CS algorithms to hardware & solving problems in hw which were previously intractable in sw.
  • At Language and Logic Inc we are using the Xilinx SDx/SDAccel/Vivado sw tools and KCU 1500 and Amazon EC2 F1 instances  to build accelerators for core algorithms.

Learning More

  • We have some sample accelerators on github (a sat instance accelerator and matrix multiplier, contact us for details).
  • We have slides showing the preliminary results for our accelerators and notes on how to write accelerators (see below)

The (Core) Algorithms We Have Looked At

  • SAT
  • Optimization (using "emulated annealing")
  • ILP
  • Graph Reduction of Functional Programs

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